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Being in a relationship
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 Enjoying Relationships
There are many reasons why we enjoy being in a relationship. Some may simply be due to human nature. We all want to make strong connections with the people in our lives, and we want to find someone who’s personality meshes well with our own. Being in a relationship that clicks can be an amazing feeling, and we may not always realize why. Some of the most simple aspects of being in a relationship are the best parts. Here are 5 simple pleasures that we enjoy when being in a relationship.

Someone To Talk To
Your partner is someone that you can feel comfortable talking to. Whether it be about your day, or how you feel about a larger issue, they are there to listen. A good partner never makes you feel like they do not care about what you might say, or that they are judging you. This doesn’t mean that they will always like what you have to say, but you can still talk to them freely because you know they will always be there for you.

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 Being Yourself
You Can Be Yourself
It is such a great feeling to be able to be exactly the person you are around your partner without the fear of them judging you or walking away. You can show your serious side to them, but you can also show your silly or even sensitive side. They get to see it all, and they are glad to see it because this is who you are, the person they want to be with. This intimacy allows you to show all the different parts of your personality.

Small Surprises
When in a relationship, small surprises can brighten your day. Whether it be that they surprise you at work with a cup of coffee, or have dinner ready when you come home from a long day, the idea that they simply thought of you can mean the world.

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 Appreciate the simple pleasures
Sharing New Experiences
Building a relationship is all about the experiences that you share together, and often we decide to explore new things as a couple. Maybe you decide to try rock-climbing for the first time together, or go see your favorite artist live in concert. Whatever the activity, the fact that you are sharing this time together helps to strengthen your bond.

Having a Best Friend
The best simple pleasure of being in a relationship is having a best friend in your partner. Your partner knows you well, and they appreciate you for who you are. They listen to what you have to say and in turn you do the same for them. You two build this relationship together and naturally you two do find a best friend in each other. This can be a great feeling. Ultimately, for whatever the reason, we all love being in a relationship and creating a strong bond with someone. As humans we enjoy connections like the ones we find in our partners. While there are many reasons to love the relationship you are in, be sure to appreciate the simple pleasures within.

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